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The unique demands of marine retail ownership are unlike any other. Between property management, multi-million dollar inventory responsibility, managing turns and generating cash flow (and we haven’t even mentioned service), there are plenty of things to keep you up at night.  

We know well your challenges and have structured our business so that we can meet your property and casualty needs individually. With all of our equity and passion, we are categorically focused on creating policies and programs to meet these demands. 

We attend your OEM’s dealer meetings, your regional boat shows and industry events to make sure we not just stay in touch, but stay connected. Our dedication to the marine industry means our dealers get cost-effective solutions that really make sense, not an off-the-shelf automotive program dressed up as marine coverage.

You’ll quickly realize that while Belter offers the traditional suite of coverages, it’s the host of unique-to-the-industry concepts we’ve pioneered that keep us out in front. And let you get some sleep. 

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