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Belter has been offering property casualty insurance to the marina segment for over 20 years. Our experience is solid, but it’s our approach that makes us different.  

We’re on your docks and in your slips. We attend your marina association industry meetings. We boat and buy gas at your pumps just like your customers. In a word, we’re invested. Invested in finding out more about how we can represent the insurance needs of high-profile, premier marinas and on-water resorts.

We strive to know as much about your business as you do so that we can create custom policies that ensure your facilities have the right coverage. As an active participant in marina operator associations and organizations --including the Kentucky and Tennessee Marina Associations and Marina Recreation Association -- our ability to be on the leading edge of trends and industry-wide changes enables us to make the right recommendations. Unlike a local agent, we don’t disguise a large, blanket business policy as a marina-specific program.

We attend your territory’s top marina association meetings, your regional boat shows and industry events to make sure we not just stay in touch, but stay connected. Our dedication to the wet slip and dry dock segment means our clients get cost-effective solutions that really make sense, not a general property policy dressed up as marina coverage. 

If you like that philosophy, you’ll love us.

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