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Hotel chains and multi-location resort managers know a thing or two about property casualty insurance. In fact, many of them could write a book about what can possibly happen on an expansive property with hundreds of rooms, a large staff, multiple work stations and thousands of guests. They’ve seen it all before. 

But put a parasail, powerboat or person on the water at that facility and those samemanagers shrug their shoulders. The typical hotel coverage simply won't do, and neither will a policy that fails to address the unique challenges of boats and water -- and guests who rarely are around either. 

That situation is a perfect match for Belter Insurance! We've been providing watersports-specific coverage to major hotel chains and resorts for over 20 years, as well as to the nation’s leading marine dealers and ski schools. Our knowledge base of the environments, equipment manufacturers, instructors and typical operating procedures for resort watersports is unmatched, and our ability to create a coverage policy for each unique facility is our speciality. 

So give us a call. We've seen it all before, too. 

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