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Teaching others to ski, flip and foot for a living is a fantastic, gratifying career opportunity. It can also be a big liability. Finding a local insurance agent or national carrier who knows understands the difficulty of teaching deepwater starts, aerials or back-to-fronts -- let alone operating a mutli-millon dollar cable facility -- isn’t easy.

Yet this is exactly the language we’ve been speaking at Belter Insurance since we wrote our first school-specific policy almost 3 decades ago in Northern California, when and where the country’s first ski schools were emerging. 

Today’s schools aren’t just helping adults learn to get up on a slalom ski. They are teaching 60-year-olds to barefoot for the first time. They’re showing teenagers how to go vertical on a wakeboard. And they are educating people of all ages how to drive a boat safely and ride a cableway. 

These traits are unique to towed watersports -- and part of our DNA. If you’re searching for complete personnel and facility coverage for your school or cable park, call us. We’ll talk the talk.  

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