In the marine business for over 35 years

marine focused
for over 35 years. 

Belter is the industry's choice for Boat Dealer, Marina, Marine Manufacturer & Commercial Marine Insurance.

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We are a different breed of insurance agent: Uniquely motivated by long term success, not immediate gain. We strive to always maintain relevance and help manage risk in a world that is constantly changing. Whether you are a boat dealer, marina, marine manufacturer or other water sports company, we offer unmatched expertise and industry roots that create a true concern for our client.




Our service is modeled on Access.  We stay engaged as trusted advisors and always remain accesseble to our clients. We are serious about better service and are here to help your marine business.




The passion we have for boating, water sports and recreation, lead to a deep understanding of the market and build credible relationships with leaders and experts in our industry. In the rapidly-growing and ever-changing marine and watersports business, a partner with deep industry roots is a real asset.





Building bridges between the Marine and Insurance Industry for better products, value and coverage. Our independence assures there are no conflicts of interest — only your company's best interest.




Because we are true to our industry, the businesses we serve, and to ourselves, the unwavering friendships gained are an amazing byproduct and we welcome each into our family. 

Let our family business help protect yours. 

Daryl Brock, CPA & Michele Brock    The Belter Accounting Office, a part of the family since 1982.

Daryl Brock, CPA & Michele Brock

The Belter Accounting Office, a part of the family since 1982.

Barbara Noll    Customer Service Agent

Barbara Noll

Customer Service Agent


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