what sets us Apart?
Real people, with a real passion for the marine industry.

Belter is better insurance, and that means;


Authentic We are driven by a historic drive to help marine businesses achieve success on a long-term basis. Our tailored insurance plans help you navigate the often murky waters of business growth with confidence. Boat dealer, marina, marine manufacturer, or watersports company, Belter’s unrivaled expertise and industry roots provide a firm basis to anchor your business.

ACCESSIBILTY Get insurance help, and business counseling, all optimally modeled per your needs and unique use case when you need it and fast! We stay engaged as trusted advisors through your business journey and maintain a level of accessibility unobtainable anywhere else in the business.
CONNECTIVITY Our passion for boating, water sports, and recreation leads to a deep understanding of the market. More so, it helps us build credible relationships with leaders and experts in our industry. A partner with deep industry roots is a real asset in the rapidly-growing and ever-changing marine and water sports business.
Ambassadors Building bridges between the Marine and Insurance Industry for better products, value and coverage. Our independence assures there are no conflicts of interest — only your company's best interest, always!
Family We are true to our identity and professional commitment. Belter Insurance is here to serve and create unwavering partnerships built on trust, mutual interest, and unparalleled efficacy. All of that’s drawn from our family-styled approach to doing business. Let our family business help protect yours.
how it all started
Our family grew up on the water, making family memories on Trinity Lake in California. Our love for the water brought us together. So, we focused our careers around our passion. We are the people who know what you need when it comes to your marine coverage, and we attend to those needs like family would.
Bob Belter, founder

R.A. Belter Insurance was founded in 1982 by Bob Belter as a local independent insurance agency serving the needs of businesses in Northern California. As a boater and outdoor enthusiast, Bob had the opportunity to work with a specialized insurance program in the late 1980s. That program sought to ensure Marinas and Boat Dealers and began what would ultimately become our specialty. Now retired,
Bob enjoys fishing, spending time with the grandkids, and getting to spend lots of time on the water.


Matt began his career in 1991 after graduating from the Commercial Union school for Agents. Being a lover of the water and waterskiing from a young age, Matt quickly geared his career towards the recreational marine niche. Matt wanted to spend most of his time on or near the water, boats, or in a marina! At Belter Insurance, he gets to do just that, all the while using his experience and business to help water lovers like himself.


Mitch began his career as an agent when he graduated college in 1999 with a Bachelors’ degree in Risk Management & Insurance at California State University. Mitch remembers his love of the water beginning when he was three years old. He spent afternoons watching in admiration as his older brothers waterskied. Mitch quickly joined them at a young age and participated in waterskiing, wakeboarding, wakeskating, and surfing.


Now, with three children of his own, they carry on the tradition of watersports and boating.

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Nice to meet you! ...

Is there anything better than watching the next generation fall in love with the water? ...

May your day be ending with a beautiful sunset on the water. ...

Marinas and resorts have very unique insurance needs. At Belter, not only do we get it, but we live it. We insure your business the same way we expect OUR marinas and resorts to be insured. We leave no stone unturned, no aspect unprotected. ...

When you partner with Belter, you partner with a team that truly understands your industry. We live and breathe it, and we are proud to protect the businesses that keep it alive. ...

At Belter, we insure marine industry businesses that bring water vessels and their activities to the consumer. This starts with manufacturing and goes straight through to water sports. No matter what corner of the industry your business is, we have custom plans to protect your future.

Photo pictures a beauty from @savannahboats from #dealerweek

When you`re choosing your boat`s storage option for the off-season, be sure to understand the perks and safety measures the organization has in place. You`ll want a clean, secure boat until you can put it in the water in the late spring. ...

Whether you`re on salt or fresh, the water has endless opportunities for fun and exploration. It`s a great time to try something new! ...

Is there anything better than still water around you? When we see the open water from the deck of a boat, we see a vast open space filled with opportunity. We hope you see those opportunities in the coming year. Whether for something new or something growing, remember there is an OCEAN of possibilities.

(yea yea..we know this is a lake, but you get it....)

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